New Patients

Items to bring to Initial PT session.
1) Insurance card.
2) Driver’s license.
3) Credit card to be placed on file for copays or other items not covered by insurance.
4) Any recent x-rays, MRI’s, or other special tests that pertain to your current injury.
5) Flexible clothing.

Items typically not covered by Insurance
1) Co-pays
2) Some insurances require a percentage to be paid for each session (Co-insurance).
3) Needle Disposal for Dry needling acupuncture
4) Thera band
5) Essential oils
6) Iontophoresis
7) Additional supplies such has muscle creams, heal lifts for shoes, exercise tools, etc.

Cancelation Policy
Barker Physical Therapy Clinic kindly requests a 24 hour notice of appointment cancellations. Text or call reminders are formulated 24 hours prior to your appointment.
Statement: Accept most commercial insurances, medicare, workers comp, VA, auto insurance, and there are also cash pay options for services rendered.